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A network of Alcohol and Drug Treatment Facilities.

De addiction is just like pottery. Carefully handling the patients and molding them into a new life structure through counseling and various treatment methods.


Addiction & Recovery

Addiction is a treatable disorder, New Life treatment plan led to the development of Research based methods that help people to stop using drugs and resume productive lives.


The typhoon of Addiction destroys every part of life mentally and physically. Group, Individual and family counselling is essential for Pre & Post drug treatment tenure.


The typhoon of Addiction destroys every part of life mentally and physically. Group, Individual and family counselling is essential for Pre & Post drug treatment tenure.

Wellness Program

Life is Hectic when you are not concentration on your inner self. Through wellness program module we are offering a series of activites for for the hollistic well being of a person.


Change through ” Giving it away “. Everyone need some support in every sphere of life thus we created several platform to socialize our inner self. It leads to a meaningful life.

Just For Tea

Isolation is the core of every disease. We are offering a place where you can read, write, dance, surf & share your emotion with ease.

Team New Life

We as an Institution are working in the field of Drug De addiction fro more than one decade. Our utmost priority is to help addicts through our innovative and proven model of treatment. Socialisation of an individual is the core ethics of our treatment.

When is it time to have an intervention ?

An intervention is required when you identify a change in the person with substance abuse. Changes like disruption in family, depression, regular intoxication and mood fluctuation has begun on a daily basis. It may be time to seek treatment .

  • Inability to keep up with daily work, school and other responsibilities due to substance use.
  • Diminished interest in activities that may used to be enjoyed.
  • Extensive time and resource spent seeking the substance.
  • Relationship damage due to substance use.
  • Inability to stop using the substance even in light of negative consequences.
  • Strong craving for substance.
  • Withdraw symptom that occur if substance use is stopped.

Is Drug rehab a good Investment ?

Some families think that if they just help a person out when they are having problems with substance abuse, that everything might be all right. So they pay the person rent, get him or her out of jail, help with medical bills or raising children. They may even provide cash if the addicted person’s story is plausible enough. If the addicted person is working in the family business or living with other family members, theft or embezzlement can add up to the tens or thousands of rupees or more. It is very expensive to fail to find an effective rehabilitation centre. Drug Rehabilitation is an investment that can save many thousands of rupees in the family takes care to ensure that the centre is one that gets result. There is no price on saving someones life

    How can I get a person into rehab if they don’t want to go ?

    When families have selected the New Life drug DE Addiction treatment program, they have two paths to help the addicted person arrive at the rehab centre. when the person refuses treatment. The first step is to work with the intake counselors who understand how the addicted person feels and may be able to coach or guide the family through the steps to handle his or her resistance. If this fails, intake counselors can provide families with interventionists who will travel to the sites and work with addicted person to help him or her through the decision. Far from the kinds of the group encounters seen on television, these interventions act by rekindling the inner desire of the addicted person to get clean and sober again.

      Why can’ta loved one quit using drugs or alcohol on their own ?

      Addiction is a trap that is very hard to escape to escape from one’s own. A person gets locked into addiction through a combination of three factors. Guilt, depression and craving. These factors unrelived creates enourmous pressure that can drive person back into drug or alcohol use when they try to quit unless they get help.

      How does someone become addicted?

      When addictive substance are taken repeatedly,the body developed a tolerance and needs greater amount to get the sdame effect. As dosage are increased, the body would normally produce. As this pattern repeats over time, the body and mind of the person begin to be locked into an addictive pattern. The body will crave the drugs if they are missing and withdrawal symptoms will kick in.

      Why does he or she say they will quit and then they doesn’t ?

      No one wants to be an addict No matter what an addict says, deep in his or her is a wish to live clean and sober again. A person may realise the damage they are doing and wish to get clean and sober but not have the strenght to overcome the guilt, depession and craving created by the ongoping substance abuse. But their is another scenerio where this reverssal can occur. An addicted person generaly feel that the only way she can feel anythiong good in life is to be high. In a desperate attempt to continue to take addictive substances. They may try to manipulate those around them and tell them whatever they want to hear, just so they leave them alone. But even this person, if they could be completely honest, would prefer to be clean and sober again.

      Is Drug addiction treatment effective ?

      Drug addiction treatment can be very effective but a family must scrutinize a program carefully to get the best chance of recovery possible. The New Life Rehabilitation program is a self-paced program, meaning that a person finishes it at his or her own rate, usually three months. The program thoroughly addresses the three factors that keep a person trapped in addiction: guilt, depression and craving. The New Life program provides remedies to alleviate these factyors and the life skills to enable individual to make positive desicion and remain free

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