Addiction is a brain disorder that cause compulsive behaviour and inability to stop consuming substances despite of short term or long term psychological, physical, social and legal consequences.

Types Of Addiction

Addictive substances can be categorised into many section according to their effect in mind and body.

When a person experiences addiction, they cannot control how they use a substance or partake in an activity, and they become dependent on it to cope with daily life.


It is categorized as a depressant and is the most common type of addictive substance used around the world…

Recreational Drugs

These are Mainly taken for relaxation and liesure activities. But when taken regularly are prone to addiction and are often defined as entry level drugs.

Behavioural addiction

Behavioral addictions (also called process addictions) follow the same pattern as substance-based addictions, and they result in problems in many areas of the individual’s life.

Prescription Drugs

It comes in diffrent categories of medication. They are mainly available in Medicine stores and are taken individually or mixed with with other drugs.

Illegal Drugs

Regular use of drugs and addictive substances can lead to weakened brain activity and delusional behavior. Addiction ultimately leads to mental and psychiatric issues.

Mental Disorder

Alcohol and Drug abuse is used for self medication of unidentified mental disorder. But it can be the reason to aggravate minor mental issues.

Know from the expert

Addiction is a treatable desease and can be stopped if dealt with in the right time and under experienced doctors and counsellors.

Our entire team is concentrated towards a single goal !

Our entire team consisting of volunteers, counselors and doctors work in their areas of expertise towards a single goal to help suffering addicts and helping them restore their lives.

Trilochan Moharana, Team Leader

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