The therapeutic value of deaddiction counselling is  based on empathy, listening skills and  developement of mental ability to solve the crisis.

What type of Counselling ?


“Set aside all the confusion, Let’s begin with one step.” This is essential for an individual to clear there mind and thought to concentrate on a single objective of life.


“Let’s start sharing and listening to others.” We  facilitate an ambience of a spiritual Aura where they can connect with everyone.


Without family consent, conscience and compassion nothing is possible. To understand the consequences of addiction is the basic pillar for recovery.

About Us

High Quality & Professional Counselling module

Counselling helps you understand the social aspects of drug and alcohol addiction  and how to deal with these aspects whilst abstaining from the consumption of substances.

Our counsellers  not only briefs the patient on these matters, but also the family of the patient.

This method can help you cope with the substance abuse problem as well as get over it.

“Counselling is a process not an a one time affair, so be in touch with yourself and your counsellors “

Trilochan , Founder Team Leader

Why Choose Us

NEWLIFE Counselling concept

A successful model implemented since last 12 years in our deaddiction and wellness  centres. several modules are developed for each clients


They care for those who are in distress. Their are several cases where  literal counseling failed but they showed their ability to recover during the socialization intervention and sustained their sobriety till date.



Counselling Octave

Remembering Childhood

Childhood is the best memory of every bodies life. One should be connected to their childish nature to be happy and have a clear mind.

Healthy Recreation

Involvment in healthy avtivities without any intoxication helps in restoring positive vibes .

Innerself Construction

Self realisation throgh making amends can rebuild the pillars of inner stability.


To restore the freshness and vitality of body , mind and soul

Reconnecting Relationship

Through developing self confidence one can restore broken relationship and breach through the inner void of their hidden emotions.

Enabling Environment

A sense of belongingness created by a group of people having a similar purpose is the best place for one’s awakening.

Expert Counselors

Meet Our Counseling Team

Sushant Pattnaik

Sushant Pattnaik

Researcher & Counsellor

An expert counselor with on filed experience of 15 years in the field of deaddiction.

Dr. Amrit Pattjoshi

Dr. Amrit Pattjoshi


One of the nation best phychiatrist with tremendous knowledge in this field and an humble personality .

Dr. Sareeta Behera

Dr. Sareeta Behera

Clinical Pshycologist

With an experience of more than 8 years and experties with treatment of mentally ill individuals makes her one of the best individual in identifying and treatment of substance abusive patients.


What People Are Saying

This is one of the memorable moments in my life. i can’t imagine my soberity without New Life.”


Trainee, New Life

“i came here for my treatment but stayed here to serve others, “

Prem Ballava

In house manager, Yoga Studio

“i got family, and that is enough for me”


Accounts, New LIfe

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