The core concept of the disease is ISOLATION
Through Direct involvement in social activities creates a humanitarian concern in every Individual.


 The Process

Isolation leads further increase in substance abuse and in ability to share internal feelings and problems. Direct intervention of individual in social activities can transform the perception of recovering individuals. It will gradually lead to development in self confidence, empathy and responsible personality.

It mainly focuses on showing them the real  world bringing them back from their fantasy . Making them help affected people makes them closer to their own feelings and realizing the value of life. Connecting them to skill development organization , entrepreneurial training system and helping them planning and creation of business concepts brings their confidence back and let them identify their own capabilities. Through all these steps the major transformation that comes is to bring back the dignity of the individual.

Something For Everyone!

Required personnel are connected to local and national SHG groups, entrepreneurial internship organization and various government organization to bring their  social and business ideas to prototype and funding system.

People who were rejected by others when identifies their success and takes responsibilty to develope their ideas they look it at an oppurtunity and gives them back an aim in their lives.

Our socialisation process has an 85 percent success in making an substance abuse individual successfull and recover from theire deasese keeping them in an safe environment making them capable ti help other still using addicts to recover as well as other people in need in the society.

Benefits and outcome after the program

Socializing is more positive than being alone, that’s why meetings are so popular.

Types of Social Skills

  • Anger management.
  • Recognizing/understanding others’ point of view.
  • Social problem solving.
  • Peer negotiation.
  • Conflict management.
  • Peer resistance skills.
  • Active listening.
  • Effective communication


Resources for Racers

By giving it away

addiction takes a lot from a person, he had taken a lot to fulfill the demand of we are trying to involve him to take responsibility.which creates a positive vibes. our research team continuously working on social impact activites, for example floods, cyclone, blood donations, plantations,


during our treatment period we are willing to know the hidden personality, educational qualifications and professional careers. after studying those cases we planned a entrepreneurial project for that person and facilitate with a team and a workable atmosphere. 

Creative Concept Dev.

sky is not the limit, if you can see beyond it. there are several creative concepts developed by the inmates which are very helpful for the universe and its people. we nourish and discuss those ideas in different platforms. some are on the ground and some are in the pipeline

Divine puja Phulo private limited

one of the business startup concept developed by the socialisation  team

Willing to contribute

We need selfless peoples who are willing to contribute